Close of Escrow

Close of Escrow

It’s time to pop some bubbly and get ready to celebrate! But first, there are a few loose ends you will need to tie up…

Final Walkthrough Inspection

The day before closing or the day of, the buyers and/or their agent will tour the property one last time to make sure everything is in order, nothing has been damaged, and nothing has been left behind.

Cancel Home Services & Utilities

It is now time to call your home service and utility companies and let them know that you are moving. As your listing agent, we will provide you with a list of companies and numbers to make this process as easy as 1-2-3.

Be Prepared

We are on your side right up to the very end! That means if there is a hiccup or obstacle that comes your way, we will do everything in our power to right the wrongs and move the needle forward efficiently. You can trust that there is nothing we haven’t encountered in the past and we have the resources required to help you reach your goals in selling your Lakewood Ranch property as easily as possible.

Closing Time

Both you and the buyers will be supplied with a settlement statement to review and sign at the closing. The statement will outline all of the finances associated with the transaction. If the buyer is obtaining a loan, they will also sign all of their loan paperwork at this time. If for any reason you are not able to attend the closing, you can pre-sign your portion of the paperwork. If you are receiving funds at the close of the transaction, you can elect to have them wired directly to your bank or have a check issued to you. Finally, you will hand over the keys and move on to your new home.

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