Accepting an Offer

Accepting An Offer

The Price Is Not Always Right

Many sellers think that the higher you set the price, the better the offers will be. This is an expensive mistake! You are much better off by asking your Hindson Exceptional Realty agent for a realistic valuation of your Lakewood Ranch property and setting a competitive price that stirs interest and invites multiple offers.

Negotiating Like A Pro

Negotiating the terms of your contract is something that we take very seriously at Hindson Exceptional Realty. We are here to get you into a win-win situation that will allow all parties to walk away from the closing table proud and pleased with the results. We will show you our strongest sense of dedication and loyalty to ensure that you get the deal that you deserve.

Contract & Deposit

The sales contract is a legally binding agreement between you and the buyer that solidifies your intent to sell the property, and their intent to purchase it. This agreement and the buyer’s earnest money deposit will be held by the closing agent. We strongly urge you to accept a contract from a buyer that has been pre-approved for their loan because there is a higher likelihood that the deal will close.

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Accepting an Offer

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