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HINDSON Realty Design Trend Technology

Home Design Trend – Technology

As technology advances, we are seeing more and more smart home innovations. Nearly everything in a home can be controlled remotely. Luxury features can include even things like programmable showers and bathtubs, that remember your settings - k...

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Home Design Trend – Low Bowls

Our next design trend of 2019 is to use low round bowls or baskets. The circle theme carries through on this design trend! Low round bowls and baskets, especially casually filled with fruit or greenery, creates an inviting centerpiece. ...

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HINDSON Realty Home Design Trend Beads

Home Design Trend – Beads

We continue with both the circle and the authenticity trends when looking at our third design trend of 2019. The concept of telling a story remains, making a simple strand of beads the perfect home accessory. A strand of beads evokes the image...

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Home Design Trend – Authenticity

As we learned with our first design trend of 2019, Circles, it was not only about an actual circle being used in design, but about what circles represent. That sense of belonging and being connected! This second design trend carries through on...

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Home Design Trend Circles

Home Design Trend – Circles

Our first design trend is about CIRCLES Circles represent connectedness. How we are connected to one another, our environment, the community with live in and even the world. Circles bring us joy and make us feel good. Children sit in circle...

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Daniels Family

Congrats to the Daniels family on their new home in Lakewood Ranch. While the journey to get them into their new home required some extra tenacity from all of us, they were such a pleasure to work with and best of all they're going to be so h...

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2019 Interior Design Trends

WOW – can you believe it? We’re half way through 2019 Starting this month as the temperatures are getting hotter we’ll be taking a look at what is hot with Home Design. It’s time for 2019 Interior Design Trends. Stay connecte...

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M/I Homes July Incentives

M/I Homes is offering special incentives for July 2019. Reach out to HINDSON Exceptional Realty today to learn more about the new construction neighborhoods in Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, and Sarasota that include these special incentives....

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Coming Soon Lakewood Ranch

Coming Soon Woodleaf Hammock

New Lakewood Ranch Community Construction has started on the new Lakewood Ranch community Woodleaf Hammock. Currently two builders will offer homes in Woodleaf Hammock. All the pipes, roads, and even the street signs have been put in place ...

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