Quarter Point Interest Rate – Just Cut by Federal Reserve


Did you hear already?

The Federal Reserve cut interest rates again (second time this year)!

Talk to your preferred mortgage lender to see how this impacts adjustable-rate mortgages and also about the indirect effect on fixed-rate loans. If you don’ t have anyone in the mortgage industry, I have someone great right here in Lakewood Ranch that I can connect you with. Just reach out to me and I’ll connect you with her.

The vote for the quarter point reduction wasn’t unanimous & actually had the largest number of dissents than has occurred in the past 3 years. Two of the Federal Reserve members felt rates should remain the same & one member argued for a more significant point cut. Since these mixed opinions occurred among the Federal Reserve members, stay tuned to see if more rate cuts will occur or if rates may increase before the year is over.

Source: 2019 Florida Realtors®