Moving Soon – What should I do?

Hi there!

Are you moving to Lakewood Ranch and getting ready to pack for the big move? I just got off the phone with someone that asked me some great questions about not only Lakewood Ranch Florida, but about moving in general that I thought I’d share with you!

It all started with: “I’m moving in a few months. What should I do now to get prepared?”

This question brings out not my love for homes, but for organization. So my answer is…



  1. Develop a plan based on how much time you have before moving. Start with the moving day and work backwards to ensure all tasks get assigned and accomplished.
  2. You’ll need time to sort, purge, and pack, but also time for appointments such as repairs, utilities, inspections, and an appraiser.




  1. Start the sorting and purging as early as possible. Use your new home’s floor plan as a guide for what to keep and what really doesn’t fit anymore.
  2. Leave your everyday essentials alone and start to pack nonessentials.
  3. This is also a great time to give, donate, and just plan toss anything that no longer serves you.

Tip: The Salvation Army still does free pick up. Visit to schedule a pickup. While Goodwill doesn’t do pickups in our area, they have tons of easy drop off locations all around town so pack up your car and drop them anytime.

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