Home Design Trend – Slow Living

As we moved from the technology design trend to need for lush textures given to us by Performance Fabrics, we’ll move this week to the other end of the spectrum. This next design trend is all about a backlash against the hectic pace encroaching on every aspect of our lives. Technology and today’s fast paced society has given rise to the slow-living movement, which is appearing as a design trend in 2019.

S = Sustainable – not having an impact

L = Local – not someone else’s patch

O = Organic – not mass-produced

W = Whole – not processed

So, slow-skills, like craft making – beer, distilled spirits, pottery, weaving – are on-trend. Products that require focusing on a specific task for a long period of time alleviate some of the pressure we feel in a constantly moving society. The story of the process behind the products we consume has become important. We no longer want mass-produced milk. We want organic, grass-fed, hormone-free milk. And we especially love to know about the farm that it came from.

Although the SLOW movement has its roots in the Slow Food movement, which began as a counter to fast food in the 1980s, the slow-living movement is much more than just food and we are seeing it come out in all sorts of ways in interior design. Unique, one-of-a-kind pieces are dominating the home fashion industry. Original pieces of art, anything that is handcrafted… have another benefit… they offer the designer an opportunity to express themselves. And self-expression is ultimate of-the-moment-trend.