Home Design Trend – Blooms

We’ve reached our final Home Design Trend of 2019, but do not fear- with the seasons changing and our movement into Fall where colors bloom, we’ll move into discussing the trend of COLORS in Home Design.

Our final 2019 Home Design Trend that we’ll be discussing is Blooms.

Oversized florals are an expression of femininity that we began to see emerging last year and this year is in, well… full bloom. Interestingly, flower power has become so strong, that even edible flowers have seen a huge increase in sales.

Edible Flowers

For some of us, these floral motifs remind us of our grandmother’s era, but keep in mind that millennials don’t have the same associations that boomers do, and some things that look ‘old-fashioned’ to one generation, appear fresh and new to another.

Ikea’s take on Blooms

This collection, featured by Norwalk Furniture might be beyond a staging budget, but you can shop the same look at lower price points like IKEA.