Home Design Trend – Beads

We continue with both the circle and the authenticity trends when looking at our third design trend of 2019. The concept of telling a story remains, making a simple strand of beads the perfect home accessory. A strand of beads evokes the imagery of distinct pieces circling together to create a whole.

When casually draped over a stack of books or spilling out of the circle of a low basket, these necklaces are often hand-crafted and add a hint at a great travel story.

Hang over a vase

Drape off a box

Spilling out of a low bowl

Beads inside a tray

Adding beads to your home design is not only easy, it is a great way add a pop of color, different textures, and a way to mix metals. You might already have beads in your closet. So go grab them and try out this design element as part of your home’s interior design.