Home Design Trend – Authenticity

As we learned with our first design trend of 2019, Circles, it was not only about an actual circle being used in design, but about what circles represent. That sense of belonging and being connected! This second design trend carries through on that same theme…

It’s all about candid authenticity.

This design trend is about telling a story. How the story provides a sense of belonging to something bigger. 

Design trend #2 is about being authentic.

Sharing our story is at the heart of today’s design trends. When others see candid authenticity, they’re drawn to it. While the item being used as the design element is important, it is the story being told by the item or group of items that is drawing us to this type of design.

An excellent example is why Instagram is so popular.

Instagram’s stories feature is quickly becoming the platforms most engaging element. This is where users reveal a more authentic, unedited side of themselves. Because these posts only live on the app for 24 hours, they are the fast food of social media. A quick, casual, behind-the-scenes look. Followers begin to feel that they actually have a personal relationship with the person or brand. Ideally, those followers will engage in some way, by swiping or liking or commenting. That engagement is key. It is a physical action that is taken.

Taking it a step further, retailers are noticing that consumers are searching for an experience, so they are creating opportunities to weave the story of the individual with the story of the brand. Showrooms offer interactive moments  – a sharing of a common event – a sort of mini-adventure together. It’s a time to play together and revel in a relationship with the brand.

Chip and Joanna Gaines share their design and story.

A great example is how Target has created an experience with Chip and Joanna Gaines’ household products they’re selling only at Target. Stores have created sections exclusively for these products and they’re showcasing them to share a Magnolia home lifestyle brand.

Gather, Create & Enjoy

Let’s picnic with family & friends

Faux flowers bring the outdoors in

You can incorporate authentic design by sharing what is most meaningful to you within your home’s design.

  • What is your family heritage? Use the country or town you’re from to inspire your design. For Chip and Joanna – it’s Waco Texas!
  • Do you vacation in a certain spot every year? Use that location such as the mountains, a beach or lake house to inspire a design for a certain room in your home. Joanna brought us Farmhouse Chic!
  • Perhaps you’re a Chef at heart. Tell that story in your kitchen through some key kitchen essential used as design pieces.

Whether or not you know the Gaines family’s history from watching their show or even reading one of their books, you can feel their values from their design that has a soulful, vintage style with light colors, and clean lines. Share who you really are, your authentic self with your choice of colors, pillows, blankets, art work, materials, and all your household decor including the essentials that get displayed for others to see.