Colors in Home Design – Orange

Our first color to discuss for 2019 home design is Orange.

What an appropriate color to start with as fall is coming & HINDSON Exceptional Realty is all about Orange – it’s our happy color ;0)

It also happens to be Sherwin William’s Color of the Year.

This deep orange is meant to slow us down, to remind us of canyons and deserts, of the beauty of dirt and clay, and of the value in handcrafted pieces of art.

You’ll also see a kind of Southwest 80’s influence coming through with this color. Maybe some fun cactus motifs with a little south-of-the-border vibe.

Cavern Clay represents the bridge between those warmer pinks and the rich palette of oranges that are so in right now. That whole side of the color wheel…. The fiery orange range between coral, citrus, cinnamon, rust, and terra cotta is trending.

Don’t forget my signaure color, which is more of a vibrant Citrus Orange.

Citrus Orange

Expect Instagram to ooze with juicy Citrus Orange, especially with younger users. To stand out on social media, color has to pop out from the background of the photo and from everyone else, and this bright hue does that. Orange is the color that more people love to hate, which only bolsters its relevance in this age of ugly-cute ‘extra’-ness.